Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men’s Watch

Some days ago, my colleague Steve was talking about the Timex Intelligent Quartz technology. He was of the opinion that Timex offers some awesome timepieces with the latest features and innovations for a very affordable price range. My interest was aroused and so I set about finding whatever there is to know about the Timex[…]

Swatch watches – Funky designs – Teenagers love it

I often feel I should buy a bunch of wrist watches for 7-year old daughter; she keeps asking me for a new watch every 6 months or so – regular as a clock I’d say.

Her explanation for requiring a new wrist watch so frequently is quite innovative. Sometimes she’s lost the watch during a school outdoor trip, sometimes she’s loaned the watch to a friend who lost it, sometimes she claims a stone fell on the watch and so forth.